The Firle hill climb revival came first and the Bo Peep Drivers Club followed soon after. The name of the club took inspiration from the group of people who took part in that first revival back in 2015 and therefore drove up the lane at Bopeep bostal in their classic cars. The Bo Peep Drivers Club ceased to exist from the end of September 2020. It has been replaced by a loose association of friends and like minds who wish to support the hill climb by volunteering, attending meets and other events.

Most importantly though, it is about using our classic cars to raise funds for our two chosen charitable causes. The Southfield Trust of Eastbourne and CHEC of Chailey. The association itself is not a registered charity but the company that controls the hill climb and the association is a registered not for profit limited company that raises funds on behalf of other charities.

Both the association and the hill climb rely upon volunteers to help run the club, stage the hill climb and other events. The association is not a club, there is no membership fee, no card or membership number. If you wish you may buy a badge, key fob or window sticker in order help boost funds for administration. The Firle Hill Climb Revival (company) is in the process of registering as a charity in its own right and as such will be able to accept donations at any and every given opportunity!

The association requires those who are happy to assist, especially with the running of the hill climb even if they were not successful in gaining a place in the paddock that year. We need marshals, car park attendants, binmen (or women) and anyone who is prepared to pitch in. It is about helping others and giving something back. It is not just a pay and turn up event but a commitment to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

What we are all about