Firle Hill Climb Revival

A charitable association of classic car enthusiasts

The Firle hill climb revival

Will take place on Sunday 25th September 2022.

Volunteer marshals and stewards required!

The Firle hill climb revival came first and the Bo Peep Drivers Club followed soon after. The name of the club took inspiration from the group of people who took part in that first revival back in 2015 and therefore drove up the lane at Bopeep bostal in their classic cars. The Bo Peep Drivers Club ceased to exist from the end of September 2020. It has been replaced by a loose association of friends and like minds who wish to support the hill climb by volunteering, attending meets and other events.

Most importantly though, it is about using our classic cars to raise funds for our two chosen charitable causes. The Southfield Trust of Eastbourne and CHEC of Chailey. The association itself is not a registered charity but the company that controls the hill climb and the association is a registered not for profit limited company that raises funds on behalf of other charities.

Both the association and the hill climb rely upon volunteers to help run the club, stage the hill climb and other events. The association is not a club, there is no membership fee, no card or membership number. If you wish you may buy a badge, key fob or window sticker in order help boost funds for administration. The Firle Hill Climb Revival (company) is in the process of registering as a charity in its own right and as such will be able to accept donations at any and every given opportunity!

The association requires those who are happy to assist, especially with the running of the hill climb even if they were not successful in gaining a place in the paddock that year. We need marshals, car park attendants, binmen (or women) and anyone who is prepared to pitch in. It is about helping others and giving something back. It is not just a pay and turn up event but a commitment to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

What we are all about

Sunday 25th September, 2022.

Applications for the 2022 Firle Hill Climb Revival may now be submitted. The application form and regulations form are attached to the bottom of this page. All fresh applicants must sign and return both forms. Applications which do not include a signed copy of the regulations form will not be considered.

Due to the late cancellation of the hill climb in 2021, those selected for that hill climb have been able to carry over their places in 2022. Early indications suggest that available places for this year's hill climb will therefore be very low.

Successful 2021 applicants need do nothing, you will have already been contacted by FHCR and will be contacted again once the application window closes at the end of June 2022.

New applicants for 2022 will therefore be notified of one of the following by Friday 8th July 2022. Either that a place in the paddock has been offered or that they will be placed upon the reserve list. It is fair to assume that many new applicants will be disappointed this year.

The fee of £50.00 per car remains the same as in 2019. Once again all road going/road legal cars first registered before January 1st 1990 may apply.

Saturday 2nd October 2021

When the Firle Hill Climb handed over the cash raised to the Southfield Trust in 2019 it rained and that tradition was well and truly kept up this year. With a warning of torrential rain and high winds a hardy bunch of hill climbers gathered at the very top of our hill to mark the award of £4000.00 to our chosen charities of CHEC and the Southfield Trust. An incredible amount considering that the hill climb didn't even take place for the second year running. A feat that we have no intention of repeating again!

Those that stood upon that wet and windy hill top typify the attitude of the Firle Hill Climb. Dedicated and selfless with a very firm grasp on the whole point of the hill climb. To enjoy the use of our classic cars whilst raising funds for two very worth while causes. Thank you to everyone that donated, sponsored or gifted their entrance fee this year. A spectacular gesture of generosity from every single one.

November 2021 CHEC and The Southfield Trust big cheques.

After a bit of a break and time to dry out we finally got around to handing over the big cheques to both CHEC and The Southfield Trust. A fantastic turn out in Eastbourne, thank you so much to those that gave their time to support us.

Special thanks must go to the following:

Nutley Sports & Prestige Centre, Nutley.
Sam Howard of How Detailed, Lewes.
Alan Wilkinson of Brighton & Lewes Flea Markets.
Mark Sutton of Suttonz, Eastbourne.
Val & Peter of PJB Consultancy.
Elite Medical & Ambulance Services of Hellingly.
WC Hire of Henfield.
Gerry Wadman.
Rupert & Annette Lloyd Thomas.
Peter S Taylor Insurance.
SM Trimming.
Taylor Automotive.
  •  31/07/2022 12:00 AM
  •  14/08/2022 09:00 AM
  •   Waldron recreation ground.

Details to follow.

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  •  28/08/2022 09:00 AM
  •   Broad Farm, Hellingly or somewhere else!

It is early days yet but we have asked to be considered for inclusion into the long established favourite that is the Hellingly Festival of Transport. Who knows but if this does not materialise then we shall have a traditional Sunday meet at one of our favourite beer houses. It will be the height of summer and scalding hot, so let's keep it chilled and easy going!

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  •  25/09/2022 09:00 AM
  •   Bopeep Lane, Alciston, Polegate, UK

Yes we shall be back this year! It came close to being broken but it wasn't quite so we haven't fixed it. Just as it has always been. The participating field is largely the same as it would have been in 2021 were it not cancelled at the every last. More to follow on how applications will work this year but another selection of superb vehicles will take to our hill.

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  •  16/10/2022 12:00 PM
  •   Bopeep Lane, Alciston, Polegate, UK

It was a touch damp last year when a few of us met atop our hill to perform the handover of the cash that was most kindly donated in 2021. We shall do the same again but hopefully in a slightly drier fashion! Followed by lunch a a suitable hostelry. This will not replace the visits to CHEC and The Southfield Trust but not everyone can make those weekday meets.

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  •  06/11/2022 11:00 AM
  •   East Hoathly, Lewes, UK

This event was another casualty of 2020. Whether it was covid or just a lack of interest it never actually happened. Well no, it did. I did it on my own and then again in the rain in 2021. A simple act of remembrance taking in eleven sites which remember eleven local fallen.

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  •  22/05/2022 11:00 AM
  •   TBC.

OK, this is a bit vague at present. We may have another event to attend over the holiday weekend at the beginning of the month. Even if we are invited to that event we will have one of our regular Sunday meets at a suitable pub lunch venue.

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  •  24/04/2022 09:00 AM
  •   Six Bells, Chiddingly.

This event was due to take place back in the March of 2020. Can't think now what happened but something came along to spoil our plans! It will follow the same format as the last Spring tour with a hearty breakfast at the superb Six Bells before heading off on a substantial tour. It is looking like we may end up with a picnic as no one wants to cater for a large group of car drivers! As before there will be charge to cover the cost of breakfast but that is it. As much as we want to raise funds for charity we also want to get back out there and enjoy life.

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  •  20/03/2022 10:30 AM
  •   Firle Place, Firle, East Sussex.

Please be aware that the BBQ man has disappeared and that we shall now be looked after by The Seasoned Sausage Co. that usually cater for us at the hill climb. We meet at the Boship for a tour before ending our journey at Firle Place. Taking advantage of Henry Gage's very kind invitation to meet him at his fantastic ancestral home. Carefully avoiding the sheep as we navigate the impressive drive up to the house where we will enjoy a BBQ and a trip around the grand house. It is a pretty good photo opportunity too. Just let Rob know if you want to come along. Unless we find a kind benefactor there will be an at cost charge for the food and drink!

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Champion of the hill 2019
Rolls Royce Handlye Special
Gentleman driver, Robin Beech receiving the "Bonnet & Goggles" Trophy for the second time in four years.
Photography courtesy of Rachel Persaud.
The Southfield Trust
The Firle hill climb revival association are pleased to continue and build upon our charitable partnership with the Southfield Trust which is based in Eastbourne. The trust currently oversee three outstanding special schools with a fourth due to be up and running late in 2020. The Trust supports over 300 hundred learners with a range of disabilities.

We hope to build a close working relationship with the Trust and involve as many students, parents and families as possible

The Southfield Trust​​​